We want to reach out, as broadly as we can, to share the story of Imbaseni. By connecting with supporting, like-minded people, we hope to learn from each other's experiences and expand our network of people who would like to contribute to our cause. The more broadly we can disseminate our message, the greater the chance that the children at Imbaseni can live different and better lives.

If you feel connected with this cause, please spend 1-2 minutes to do the following:

  • Support our cause on Facebook and invite your friends to do the same.

  • Stay connected with us on Linked-In and refer us to your friends

  • Keep up with us on Twitter and share our information with your friends.

  • E-mail your friends about our story. (A drafted email introduction is provided  below to help you get started)

    <Hi "friend",

    I came across the website for Project Imbaseni, a group which is helping less fortunate children in Tanzania get a better education to change their lives. It really inspired me to help. I thought that you might be interested in the work they are doing and would want to help too.

    You can check it out at www.imbaseni.org. >

If you are sponsoring or attending a party or a conference, if you own a business where people gather, or if you are having a get together with friends or family, please consider distributing our brochure to promote the awareness of Imbaseni Project.  Africa_kid_donation

If you have a website, please consider linking it to ours, so that our vision can be shared as broadly as possible. A little help goes a long way. Thank you!

Whenever you want more information and supporting materials, please contact us at info@inbaseni.org.





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