If you are a tourist agency, or know a friend, who offers package tours to Tanzania and may want to add a meaningful and unique option that will enrich the experience of the clients, the cultural tour at Imbaseni is a great fit.

  • Our tour will offer a genuine Meru cultural experience. People in the village will open their  family bomas to welcome their guests. The program is designed by community leaders and external professionals and has been tested and improved over time to bring guests the best that the Meru tribe of Imbaseni has to offer.

  • We offer options for guests to volunteer at Imbaseni Primary when visiting the local community.  This will allow visitors, who have busy schedules, to contribute to the local community during their trip. Through this experience, they will gain a much deeper insight into the country and its people.

  • By signing up for the tour, your guests will join many others to contribute to the betterment of our school and community. The tour is operated by the community of Imbaseni and100% of the profits will be used to support educational projects at the school. The program also help bring employment and learning opportunities to our youth, who help organize and run the tour programs.

How you can help:

We appreciate

  • any type of partnership and referral from tourist agencies and individuals

  • any tour agencies to include our offering in their package. We offer special discounts for tour operators or agencies.

Please contact info@imbaseni.org for further information.

To take a visual tour of our program, please click here. To download our brochure, please click here.





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