Overall plans:

To achieve our goals, the team conducted a gap analysis (PDF) on the educational condition at Imbaseni. From this, we developed the following plan:

Phase I: Fund raising and cultural tourism program development include:

  • raise funds to mend key deficiencies in Imbaseni Primary School's basic infrastructure
  • organize the local community to donate land and provide construction labor
  • design and develop an Imbaseni cultural tour for foreign tourists to generate self sustaining community funds

Phase II: Infrastructure and facility enhancement and cultural tourism program operations include:

  • construct needed classrooms and other facilities on donated or existing land
  • improve other major gaps related to quality and accessibility of education
  • start cultural tour operations
  • develop and implement governance process

Phase III: Sustainability skills development and project ownership transfer include:

  • explore and start other social enterprise efforts within the community
  • develop and expand vocational training for Imbaseni Primary graduates
  • develop local leadership to take full ownership of the project in the community
  • develop models and processes to duplicate in other communities



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